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    America Must Aim for a More Sustainable Future

    In honor of Independence Day, we can ask ourselves “What does the United States of America stand for”? The nation’s founders believed a shared and enduring purpose was of utmost importance and they put it at the top of the Constitution. The American constitution is based on a set of shared values such as protecting and promoting the general welfare for everyone and for future generations. Very often, it falls to a particular generation to choose a new strategic direction in uncharted waters in order to safeguard these shared values for a more sustainable future. Many would assert that this is one of those times.

    Two meaningful words: “global unsustainability”

    We can sum up the great challenge of our era in two words: “global unsustainability.” It is evident that our planet is facing grave economic, social and environmental challenges. The United States, as one of the most powerful countries in the world should view these challenges as a great opportunity to lead the world’s transition to a more sustainable order. We can sum up all the challenges of our era in two words, “global unsustainability”.

    There are four (4) causal interrelated connections that in sum could be called “global unsustainability”

    1. The speed of change in our societies that has led 3 billion people into the global economy
    2. The disruptions of climate change
    3. The scarcity of resources that affects directly our supply chains and infrastructure
    4. the fact that most major economies follow a restrictive monetary policy

    The need for a more sustainable future

    The cause of the United States will be found in taking on the immense global challenge of our age, global unsustainability — environmental, social and economic well-being — not by turning its back on this reality. The goal is to figure out a way for a more sustainable future and lead the rest of the world in that direction. And, in the process, perhaps the USA will even earn the credibility and influence needed to lead on the global stage in the twenty-first century.

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