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    Atlanta: Transportation Hub Turns Sustainability Hub

    Atlanta is a gem in the South: rich history, rich culture and leader for the region. It also is an emerging leader in sustainability. Already Atlanta faces issues with congestion while being ideally placed to facilitate movement of goods and people along the Eastern US corridor. One sees progress with increased use of railways, and you can easily locate EV chargers.

    Delta is one of the key airlines, homebased in Atlanta, trying different tactics to reduce its environmental and climate change impact – from reducing waste to petitioning for shorter, more efficient air routes.

    Even with many universities, arts and science museums – much more needs to be done, and Atlanta is rising to the Sustainability challenge. The Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Resilience focuses on sustainability projects ranging from housing, to energy, to IT. Coca-Cola, Rubbermaid, Home Depot and UPS, all based in Atlanta, put out Sustainability Reports. Atlanta job boards list a range of corporate and government sustainability positions.

    An influx of a sustainability-trained workforce is needed. Whether it’s infrastructure, finance, transportation, health care or agriculture, trained sustainability practitioners are needed in every field and corticosteroid drugs from every discipline throughout the community – public and private. Whether a program manager, an engineer, an accountant, if you work in construction or retail, Atlanta needs people who understand the complexity of sustainability.

    Not everyone has time or money to spend four years earning a sustainability degree. Informed employees, aware students, corporate leaders who understand sustainability fundamentals are needed immediately! CSE is proud to be part of Atlanta’s transition, bringing its Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (2019 Advanced Edition) to Atlanta, February 21-22, 2019.

    Along with premier Sustainability CSR training, networking opportunities abound. Last year registrants included PWC, Buckman International, Weyerhaeuser, Earthshare, ScottMadden, Inc., Macy’s Inc., and the Water Quality Association.

    For more information or group rates, contact HURRY – Early Bird registration ends Jan. 21, 2019!

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