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    Businesses need to regain Consumer trust

    There is a great need for dialogue between businesses and civil society, in order to restore the destroying effects of the economic and social crisis, and the wounded consumer trust towards businesses. This was the most important finding of the CSR 2012 survey on “Corporate Social Responsibility and responsible consumption”. It was indicated that the percentage of consumers choosing to reward socially and environmentally responsible business this year has declined to 27.1%, a decrease of 11.9% compared with last years’ results, and returning to 2008 levels. On the other hand, the percentage of consumers choosing to punish socially and environmentally irresponsible business remains to the high levels of 37.6%, with only a slight tendency to decline compared to the last measurement (-5.6%).

    But how can businesses restore this lost trust? Can Corporate Social Responsibility offer the tools needed towards this end?

    CSE can help you answers these questions and offer you the tools needed to form a solid business case for your organization and regain consumer trust. Join our next Certified Sustainability (CSR)Practitioner training in Brussels 11&12 October to find out how!

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