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    Climate Change and Cold Temperatures: Are they really mutually exclusive?

    A clear insight on what low temperatures indicate about global warming..

    Very year we see the same story repeating: Brutal cold weather and wind chills blanket the country attracting like that a lot of media attention. Unsurprisingly, this prompts many climate change skeptics to argue that global warming is not actually happening. And the examples of them are many.

    Early last week, Donald Trump used Twitter to write that, simply, global warming is not happening and ask for “This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING b*llshit” to stop. He was not alone: he was joined by Congressman John Fleming, a Louisiana Republican, who sarcastically argued that “’Global warming” isn’t so warm these days.’” Similarly, Rush Limbaugh, a conservative American radio talk show host and political commentator, accused the mass media of making up the “polar vortex” to push a leftist agenda.

    So what on earth is happening? Is the whole man-made climate change story just a folk tale?

    Regardless of the brutal cold weather that left parts of Canada even colder than Mars, scientists argue that climate change is in fact occurring. More specifically, Gavin Schmidt, a climate scientist with NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City, told National Geographic that people are missing the bigger picture and advised people not to get distracted by this “short-lived cooling effect.” Meanwhile, Meteorologist Cliff Mass of the University of Washington agrees, predicting on his blog that “global warming will occur over the coming century,” arguing that the real warming is in the future.

    Looking at a bigger picture, while America is freezing under the cold weather in other parts of the countries like Australia and Brazil the temperatures were really high. Even though some may argue that these odd weather events do not firmly prove or disprove global warming, humans are nonetheless responsible for taking all steps necessary to ensure that climate change is avoided at all costs. And there are specific tools and actions that they can take to do so.

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    What Do These Record Low Temperatures Tell You about Global Warming? Is it really happening?

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