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CSE is planting the seeds of Rio for a greener planet

“The Olympics will leave a positive legacy, one of possibilities” a local said about the recently concluded 31st Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro. And there is one thing that these Olympic Games will be remembered for.

Despite issues with the city’s security, infrastructure and venues, despite the polluted sea and pools turning green, these Olympic Games succeeded in re-emphasizing the spirit of sport, but will mainly be remembered as an honest attempt to highlight the importance of environmental protection.

In fact, the core theme of the glittering opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium was environmental protection, with performances depicting the birth of life, ending with an impressive green entanglement of leaves sprouting from the stadium floor, depicting the Amazon rainforest. A hopeful message was sent out to global leaders and common people and a commitment was made: Save the planet from environmental destruction. Protect the forests, replant, prevent global warming, heal the planet.

On its part, the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence responsibly strives to plant the seeds for a greener planet and a better future for generations to come.

It does so by empowering Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility professionals through its Advanced Certified Training programs. The programs provide upgraded knowledge and skills on issues such as Carbon Reduction Strategy, ESG Performance, Sustainability Reporting.

For more information and special discounts, please contact communications@cse-net.org

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