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Is UK’s air pollution worse is than assumed?

The UK government released the court-ordered air pollution plan revealing that the pollution problem is worse than thought. This plan indicates that some of the local authorities found higher levels of air pollution than the government estimations suggested.

ClientEarth said “some people could now have to wait until 2028 for dangerous levels of pollution to subside. It’s absolutely staggering that only now, eight years after legal limits came into force, the true extent of the problem is being uncovered for large areas of the country”.

Amidst the environmentally hazardous issues, this December 06-07, CSE will host in London for the second time this year the Advanced Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program. CSE will present all the latest hot trends on sustainability as well as its annual Research findings on Sustainability Reporting for 2018. Planning and thinking ahead in order to maintain a climate and sustainability plan is on CSE’s agenda along with the UN SDG’s, Supply Chain, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications.

According to recordings, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Bradford, Bolsover, Broxbourne and Newcastle were among the areas with rather disappointing and above the expected, levels of air pollution. The disclosure came following the initiative of environmental lawyers to take over and win legal cases against the government that failed to solve this crucial issue.

In addition, ten more areas in the UK have been ordered to use 400 buses with emission reducing technology, apply new traffic management measures, and establish campaigns for environment behavioral change.

The next CSE Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2018) will be in London, UK December 06-07, 2018. For more information, visit www.cse-net.org or email sustainability@cse-net.org.

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