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    More Sustainability experts are needed in the business world: What is trending now?

    The number of businesses that turn to a greener identity is constantly increasing, as they find themselves that the more they focus on sustainability the better the results and their performance. As reported during the Climate Week in NYC last month, the 2019 ESG landscape is shaped by climate change alleviation. Additionally, it was noted that a serious investment in new generation professionals should be made who understand not only how their companies impact the environment but also how the environment will impact on their company.

    Amidst the top recognized challenges is to identify the leading personalities that can tackle issues such as diversity to manage growth towards more sustainable business in the long term. Furthermore, the companies that are tied to climate change have begun receiving pressure on behalf of shareholders to coordinate their efforts and face the climate-related challenges in a more holistic yet focused and intense way.

    On that note, businesses identify that the growing need of sustainability expertise has been shaped accordingly and it is critical to absorb high quality professionals that can keep up with the latest innovations while deliver profitable results.

    To meet this need, the Silicon Valley awarded Sustainability Academy is beyond environmentally focused as it offers affordable specialized certified education and coaching in the field of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. We are set to make a difference on this planet so we invite you to take on the journey with us!

    Check out our most popular courses of Online Certificate on ESG Performance for Investors & Sustainability Professionals and the Online Certificate on Sustainability (CSR) Reporting and contact us to get a discount!


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