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    Telecom Industry One of Many Bringing Sustainability and Jobs to Atlanta

    Telecom Industry One of Many Bringing Sustainability and Jobs to Atlanta

    Bosses across industries are increasingly tasked by long-term ESG (environment, social, governance) concerns.  Atlanta business leaders are no different.  College grads or corporate managers growing as leaders are finding opportunities around sustainability. In a world driven to find short-term gains, are you prepared for long-term challenges?

    CSE’s 2018 research Sustainability (ESG) Reporting Trends North America focuses on the influence of Sustainability on Financial Results.  We find confirmation of the link between Sustainability Reporting and Financial Performance.  Paying attention to long-term concerns pays off in annual profits.

    CSE research highlights findings from key sectors including:

    • Media and Telecommunications
    • Transportation
    • Energy & Energy Utilities
    • Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Food & Beverage
    • Financial Services
    • IT and Security

    These industries are key drivers in Greater Atlanta, in Georgia and throughout the South.  Warner Media, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Delta, Home Depot, (many of whose execs we’ve trained), face serious and growing need to produce and implement a strong sustainability strategy.

    Through consulting, research and training, we break down CSR (corporate social responsibility) data by sector.  Drawing from the telecom industry, the issues which keep telecom CEOs on edge include:

    • Sustainable product design,
    • inclusion and diversity,
    • talent management,
    • customer service and transparency,
    • privacy and security,
    • waste and recycling,
    • energy and emissions.

    Whether you are an engineer, from HR, client relations, IT or operations, CEOs need sustainability experts.

    Another example from telecommunications:

    • only 15 of the 600 sustainability reports in North America were from the telecom industry – more are needed!
    • 27% of those reporting are externally assured – higher than average but room for growth
    • 60% of the top-10 telecom companies (based on revenues) conduct sustainability reports – key to a pattern of success!

    Be among those driving successes. lists thousands of well-paying Atlanta jobs which omit “sustainability” from the job title but includes it prominently in the job description.  For example, ZipRecruiter reports that telecom jobs in Atlanta range from $39,000-$70,000, with many reaching even higher.

    CSE’s Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (Advanced Edition 2019) offers trainings on these key topics and many others. The first 2019 programs in North America are in Atlanta, Feb. 21-22; Toronto, April 11-12; and Seattle, April 15-16, 2019.

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