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The environmental and entrepreneurial importance of “green” retail shops

The concept of sustainable development in terms of the lean and prudent use of energy resources of the Earth is initially embedded in daily business practice as a cost reduction strategy. The likelihood of an unexpected climate destabilization, has mobilized citizens who step up their efforts to direct formation of ecological consciousness and compliance. Companies on the other hand, as associations of economic power tend to endorse political power and to adopt environmental criteria to bring the idea of sustainable development into practice.

The idea of corporate policy of sustainable development through sound energy management can be incorporated at corporate-level, product-level and store-level infrastructure of the organization itself. In terms of main infrastructure, green stores aim to continuously reduce the environmental impacts of operation of these interventions by saving energy and natural resources as well as by adopting efficient waste and energy management systems.

Specifically, at a first level an energy-responsible store identifies its carbon footprint, ie the rate of carbon dioxide emitted during its operation, and lists in detail its intensive sources of energy. On a second level, based on this mapping, the organization in interest has the opportunity to develop a plan to reduce emissions by replacing them with efficient energy sources to create a more energy-responsible infrastructure. Optionally the organization may proceed to a more advanced plan, by offsetting through an internationally accredited organization. The compensation covers a deposit corresponding to the carbon originating from the operation of the infrastructure and is invested in projects and research on renewable energy.

Daily “eco-friendly practice” is not only a social service but a potentially innovative business strategy as an energy efficient store does not increase operating costs but rather limits them. A good strategic communication for the company’s profile is also recommended because of the increasing market demand for green development. Consumers today recognize green entrepreneurship as a basic condition for sustainable development, before the threat of ecological collapse of the planet from polluting human activities and global warming.

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