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    The Paris climate agreement is entering into force

    The Paris climate agreement could be put into action on the condition that at least 55 countries, representing 55 percent of the planet’s emissions in total, have endorsed it. The first ones to support this agreement were the US, followed by China. Later, Brazil and India joined forces, bringing the agreement a step closer to its enforcement.

    Now that European countries have expressed their willingness to be part of this agreement, it can be turned into action. As the European Union’s nations account for 12.1 percent of global emissions, this entails that they helped meet the requirements in order for the Paris Agreement to go into effect.

    Throughout 2016, world leaders from President Obama to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have pushed to bring the Paris agreement into force as early as possible but few expected that the world would ratify it so rapidly. It’s time for our leaders to stop talking about climate change and start working together to make sure they live up to their commitments and take action. It’s far easier for countries to sign onto an agreement on paper than it is for them to meet their pledges to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.

    The impacts of climate change are already being felt worldwide. Climate change is a global challenge that demands a global response not only from governments but also from the enterprises worldwide .

    Where does your organization stand?

    Are you and your organization willing to take action?

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