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The power of ESG & Sustainable Investing

It is apparent that during 2021, profitable companies will be defined by the level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing  and how this will shape their strategies and their overall operations. ESG investing relies on independent ratings that help you assess a company’s behavior and policies when it comes to environmental, social and governance issues.

However, what needs to be stressed is the depth of commitment and engagement that should be developed on behalf of the organizations so that they allow ESG issues to influence their strategic and management decisions.

The Sustainable / ESG reporting ecosystem is rapidly evolving and is made up of an ever-increasing number of frameworks, standards and providers.

Sustainable policies and ESG ratings can be an important resource as investors seek to interpret and compare information. Ensuring that your investment choices are aligned with your priorities is one reason to pursue ESG investing. But aside from helping to fight climate change and social injustice, Sustainable and an ESG investing strategy can offer higher returns as well.

One of the best actions a company can take is educating and training on sustainability and ESG issues, how to identify and assess stakeholders, then prioritize material issues.  The training is the first step in an iterative process.

The Center for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) and its online training platform of Sustainability Academy are committed to provide the latest and most updated knowledge in the field. Additionally, CSE is currently the only training organization in North America offering training material provided by SASB.

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