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The seven systems transformation – Learn how to become part of the future

Our planet faces enormous economic, social and environmental challenges, and despite important progress, there is growing awareness that the SDGs, the Paris Agreement and sustainable development cannot be achieved unless nations, leaders, businesses and people make radical changes. In other words, these targets can only be achieved through transformational change.

This change will have true impact on society, on the environment, on the economy – on our future.

This requires a systems-based approach, which is highly complex, as it requires large-scale and fundamental transformations on all levels of societal systems, institutions, technologies, policies, lifestyles and thinking.

The World Benchmarking Alliance identified 7 system transformations:

  1. Decarbonization and Energy
  2. Food and Agriculture
  3. Nature and Biodiversity
  4. Digital
  5. Urban
  6. Social
  7. Financial System

The role of business

Business can play a key role in leading these transformations by creating sustainable, inclusive and innovative solutions. In order to do that, businesses need knowledgeable, skilled and ethical people to drive this.

As demand for professionals with in the field of Sustainability/CSR/Environmental impact/ESG performance/Circular Economy is rising, more and more professionals choose a career in this field or make a career change towards a professional role that will provide meaning and purpose.

The Silicon Valley awarded Sustainability Academy is proud to provide online, certified specialized courses to help professionals acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, with specialized courses on Circular Economy, ESG Impact and Sustainable Investing, Sustainability Reporting, Carbon Reduction, SASB & TCFD Reporting.

If you are reading this, don’t forget to ask for your discount code, when you decide to enroll to any of our specialized courses.

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