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    Top Trends of Tomorrow in Education – Why you cannot ignore them

    Top Trends of Tomorrow in Education – Why you cannot ignore them

    Digital culture has invaded education as well. It has affected our access to information, the place or time of learning, the reasons we choose to learn, the tools and systems as well as the outcomes of learning.

    The findings of two recent studies shed light on some interesting facts:

    • The half-life of a skill is shrinking, so there is growing need for continuous education and re-education. Most smart workers will now follow a repeatable cycle: learn, work, learn, work.
    • The need for greater specialized expertise is growing – no one is a “specialist for life” in anything any longer.
    • People are going to be more selective about the jobs they take, not based merely on compensation, but on how those positions fit with their values, lifestyles, and professional development goals.
    • New trends for E-learning include Cloud Learning Management Systems (LMSs), a major technology trend that is gaining popularity and inclusion of videos in learning

    From an organization’s perspective now,

    • About 50% of organizations are exploring new learning technologies, with a focus in social/collaborative tools and mobile delivery.
    • They are aware that providing development opportunities and investing in employees’ growth can help increase their sense of work well-being, their productivity and job loyalty. Providing self-paced, easily accessible content can empower them even more.

    Adapting to new trends and needs, the Sustainability Academy’s Online Certified Courses have been especially designed to help Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility professionals excel in the field.

    For more information on the courses and special discounts, please contact [email protected]


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