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    UAE Maritime Week fifth edition promoting sustainable sector growth

    UAE Maritime Week has reached its fifth edition of success for the maritime sector, not only in the UAE but throughout the region and the world. Over the past four editions, the UAE has further strengthened its position in the global maritime sector as an important player in bringing together leading maritime experts, transport and shipping.

    Among the key issues are the changing trends and the continuous engagement of all stakeholders to enhance the sector towards a more sustainable future. This year, the initiatives by some of the world’s best-in-class infrastructure and logistics facilities, highly innovative services and pioneering developments in marine arbitration.

    At the same time, UAE Maritime Week has remained to become an important and open venue for debate and constructive dialogue on many local, regional and international issues. This has proved highly beneficial for all stakeholders in plotting the path of the future of the maritime industry following the unprecedented global and environmental changes around us. There is conscious effort within the sector to explore research and development, as well as innovation and technology to find sustainable solutions to today’s challenges.

    Dubai’s achievements in the trade and maritime field have been phenomenal and it continues to lead the region in shaping the trends when it comes to developing a world-class maritime capital. There is a determined commitment to make the emirate the best sustainable maritime center in the world.

    The upcoming maritime event is a reflection of Dubai’s continued prominence as a preferred global destination for leading maritime events that has significantly contributed and sustained the local, regional and international interest on maritime issues and trends, as well as opened many opportunities and addressed challenges. This latest edition aims to bring out even stronger commitments from maritime industry leaders to strengthen linkages and partnerships that will continue to advance the maritime industry towards a path of steady growth and sustainability.

    Sustainability practitioners bring strong skills and creative thinking to achieve goals and deal with the challenges ahead. CSE is holding its next Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program in Dubai, November 17-18, 2019.

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