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Online learning is continuously growing among employees and employers alike. An increasing number of employers develop their own online courses in collaboration with noted authorities. While an employer may be subject matter expert designing courses for widget production, sales and distribution, they are less likely to be experts in sustainability.

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence has developed the Sustainability Academy to assist employers in adding sustainability to their training offerings. A series of courses move participants from fundamental concepts to specialized topics.

A study by City Square Associates demonstrates the value of online education. The big surprise: The career and personal benefits reported by students mirror and, in some cases, exceed those commonly reported for far more expensive and time-consuming degree programs.

The same benefits which accrue to individuals taking online courses independently bring value to employers who offer courses in-house.

Relevant coursework helps employees stand out with demonstrable, unique skills which inspire confidence. Companies can create an elite sustainability team.

New skills are relevant to the company. Having employees who can speak and act confidently about corporate social responsibility is a win all around, creating a competitive advantage.

Commitment to learning identifies good character. Employees who successfully complete employer-driven online courses, especially courses which measure performance, demonstrate personal drive and discipline, intellectual maturity and curiosity.

Online courses save resources – time and money. Online courses are measured in hours rather than weeks or months. They are a fraction of the cost of sending an employee off-site, often to another city, requiring cost of travel and accommodations.

Online courses are convenient. Rather than employees taking days off, they can learn around their work, scheduling an hour or two at a time (even working from home) to avoid interrupting ongoing projects and commitments.

Pills are available in two dosages. The dose is selected individually depending on the diagnosis, tolerance, age, etc. For adults, the maximum single dose of the Valium (Diazepam) is 20 mg, and you can take a maximum of 60 mg per day. For children, there is a scheme for selecting the dose, which can be seen in the instructions for the drug.

Key to the value-added is the authority and certification of the party offering the online course. New Edition Courses offered by the Sustainability Academy, are certified by CMI (Chartered Management Institute). CSE is accredited by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Green America and AA1000.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation recognized Nikos Avlonas and the Sustainability Academy with its Practitioner of the Year Award for the individual and company who sets the gold-standard example for efforts in Corporate Responsibility. Under his direction, the Sustainability Academy is pioneer and leader in online sustainability training.

CSE has designed corporate online training to companies and organizations around the world including Elanco, Dematic, PepsiCo, Timberland, Workday and the United Nations. For corporate, group and individual pricing or to learn how we can customize your program, contact sustainability@cse-net.org.

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