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    Caution: Health, Safety & the Environment in Dubai

    Health Safety and the Environment Trends in the UAE

    The continuous investments and industrial developments in the UAE have brought new challenges concerning health and safety in the workplace. As a result, new standards concerning health and safety were adopted this year, alongside with the improvement of the existing ones. The chapters included in this movement are among others, the environmental conditions employees work in, the exposure to potential dangerous chemicals, along with social effects, such as the employees’ relationship with their colleagues and other psychological weights.

    This has been a great progress since employees’ productivity is greatly affected by their sense of safety in the workplace, and these standards will play a significant role in accidents’ reduction and for skilled and experienced workforce to flow into the country. Consequently, the demand for HSE Managers is expected to raise, job openings will increase, while the importance of HSE Managers’ role in the organization will be strengthened.

    EHS Manager’s Role

    An Environmental Health and Safety Manager is a valued member of a business’ management team. But what does an EHS Manager actually do?

    • You will be expected to wear protective helmet/uniform/mask depending on the organization and the working conditions.
    • Your role involves the application and extensive knowledge of all health and safety regulations and guidelines concerning the organization.
    • You will be in charge of all the relevant permits for the organization (fire safety/environmental etc.), while you should be vigilant concerning possible hazards and risks in the workplace.
    • You will conduct regular trainings to all departments concerning all chapters of HSE and open a dialogue with the employees in order to perceive possible hazards or unsafe situations.
    • You will develop a program concerning workplace accidents which will include the investigation of the accidents, the analysis of the accident trends, and suggestions to avoid them in the future.
    • Your duties include regular inspections and maintenance of all machinery of the facility.

    Are you ready?

    So, if you think you are cut out for the job, we are here to support you in anything you need. CSE is a leading accredited provider of CSR Training and Consultancy internationally. Please have a look at our upcoming Certified CSR Training Program in Dubai, 5-6 November 2017. Good luck!



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